Whether you are already immersed in blockchain technology, testing the waters or curious about the current and future state of blockchain, Genesis has something to offer.

Compelling speakers, drawn from the worlds of business, law and education, will cut through the jargon and the hype to present straight talk about blockchain initiatives, practical applications and best practices.

Acknowledged leaders in the field will provide down-to-earth insights regarding:

  • Transparency vs. preservation of privacy
  • Regulatory and tax issues
  • Blockchain in the B2B landscape, including smart contracts
  • How blockchain may solve some of the world’s most pressing social issues

Genesis is a practical exploration of blockchain technology at the very moment it is poised to transform the way businesses, organizations and governments work.

Who will be at Genesis?

Mingle with a vibrant group of sponsors, presenters and attendees. Expand your professional network as you meet and talk with leading entrepreneurs, business and legal executives, developers, researchers, professors and students.